For the month of December 2015, J Salvador Ramos of SuperEmoFriends displays his fantastic cute but sad character art work, and Tae young Choi of Blizzard Entertainment shows off his immense traditional art work collection.

SuperEmoFriends, created by SoCal based artist J Salvador, has been taking the convention world by storm since 2009. The art produced by him are humorous and heartbreaking pop culture pieces capturing the hearts of geeks and nerds alike. They dare to push past the veneer of our favorite fictional characters and find out what makes them tick.

Super Emo Friends has been getting plenty of chatter in numerous geeky publications like Nerdist, i09, LA Weekly, BuzzFeed, and more. They have also been featured in the mega popular Loot Crate subscription service more than any independent artist and was the featured item in this year's premium crate at San Diego Comic-Con. There's a real grass roots love of Super Emo Friends; fans find comfort and laughter in their sadness.

J Salvador Ramos
Owner/Artist of SuperEmoFriends



Tae is an artist who loves telling his stories. He came to the U.S. in 2000 has been working in the comic, movie and game industries ever since. He's currently working at Blizzard Entertainment as a concept artist in the Blizzard Animation team working on art for cinematics such as StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and SC2: Legacy of the Void. Tae is also creating his
own comics as well.

Tae young Choi
Illustrator/Concept Artist


The gallery was abuzz the Winter cold day of December 2015 with the art of J Salvador Ramos and Tae young Choi.

The 5x7" marketing flyer used for the December 2015 art show.