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Llia is a concept artist born in Nanjing, China and graduated with Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Design Program from the Art Center College of Design in 2017. While she worked for Riot Games in 2015, she had the opportunity to meet and learn from many talented artists and planned to create more impressive and innovative designs in the video game industry for the future.

In the spring of 2017, Llia successfully joined the Overwatch team of Blizzard as an environment concept artist. When in middle school, she was crazy about science fiction and her favorite movies were Star Wars and The Fifth Element. During her first screening of Star Wars in the theaters, she was deeply attracted by the beautiful space opera and the magnificent spacecraft. Another inpsiring piece of concept art work was from The Fifth Element, as it was produced by Llia's favorite artist Moebius. The Fifth Element was a movie released in 1997, during which the entire entertainment industry has not yet been developed and Moebius was the person leading the design trend of an era. The fantasy world created by Moebius very much inspired Llia and gave her even further motivation to enter into the entertainment design industry.

Llia's own works are often associated with the human subconscious, imaginative oceans, Universe Exploration, and underground civilization. Llia uses a brush to create her own sci-fi world full of fantasy elements. People can perceive alien creatures behind the screen or in the fantasy space through some surreal figures in Llia's works. The exploration and understanding of the unknown world in Llia's works inspires viewers' perceptions of virtual and real Worlds.

In addition to her artistic achievements, Llia loves life and has some hobbies. Llia has two cats and treats them as her son and daughter. Also, Llia is very interested in fashion design and likes to collect beautiful clothes and hand-make her own clothes at leisure.


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Gallery Dates

August-October 2018

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